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Review: The Brightest Fell by Nupur Chowdhury

*Thanks to Nupur Chowdhury for sending me a digital copy of this book*

The Brightest Fell is a political thriller centered on young genius Jehan Fasih and the politically enmeshed Shian family.

With unclear motivations, Fasih schemes to oust Rajat Shian from the premiership of Naijan, as Shian puts more and more pressure on Fasih to complete trials on the Amven drug.

Amven and it’s potential uses motivate the actions of the Naijani political players. The drug makes its subjects more pliable and docile. And while many of Fasih’s compatriots ostensibly want to use the drugs on criminals and terrorists, Fasih suspects even more nefarious users from rival ruler Maganti.

Readers are left to discover what is truly happening along with the Shian children, Rito and Abhijat Shian. Both of whom are loyal to their country now let by Fasih and yet infuriated by the political maneuvering against their father.

The Brightest Fell was highly entertaining. It had the feel of a 24-esque TV show along with some Sorkin-inspired pacing and dialogue. While some characters like JehN Fasih and Rito were interesting and even endearing. Others were frustrating and at times unbelievable.

Four stars.

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